Nano Technology Enhancement for Epoxy Floor Coatings

Published: 07th June 2011
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Nano particles used in an epoxy floor coating are small particles less than 0.1 micron. These small particles have not traditionally been used in epoxy coatings but when employed properly can upgrade epoxy coatings physical properties. Eight of these nano particles, side by side, will be less than the width of a human hair.

For example, nano technology can be used to improve the strength of epoxy coatings through reinforcement of the coating. The technology imparts clarity to the epoxy coating while traditional coating additives cause opaqueness. Depending upon the desired characteristics, nano technology has the potential to alter many features of an epoxy floor coating.

While imparting special properties to an epoxy coating, nano particles allow the coating to remain clear. This is in addition to abrasion and impact resistance. Flow properties are also improved.

Great improvement is seen in abrasion resistance and surface hardness. This translates to better scratch resistance. A warehouse floor coated with nanotechnology epoxy coating will have a longer life and appearance.

The nano epoxy coating can be formulated to produce a 100% solids coating without solvent. This "green technology" is certainly another added benefit that architects and building owners are attracted to when adding Leeds points to their epoxy floor specifications.

There are epoxy floor coatings that claim to have antibacterial an microbial properties with certain chemical additives. How do nano epoxy coatings compare?

Nano particles with specific properties can be incorporated to produce these properties. Using mateials proven safe by the FDA are being tested at the present time. The future holds great promise for new products in this arena.

In formulating work thus far, nano epoxy floor coatings exhibit a much improved flow characteristic. Ease of application is therefore a distinct advantage. The labor used to apply nano epoxy floor coatings is reduced from the improved ease of application feature.

However, the single most important feature of the nano epoxy is abrasion resistance compared to existing epoxy floor coatings. At first, the scratch resistance in the initial stages of cure is apparent and becomes more so after the stage of final cure.

The abrasion resistance of the new nano epoxy floor coating technology is accompanied by gloss retention. All other additives that attempt to improve abrasion resistance cause the loss of coating gloss. This advancement in nano technology epoxy floor coatings is impressive.

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